• The Basics of Compliance Course

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The Basics of Compliance Course

(2 lessons)

This course is suitable for all employee especially new hires.

The Basics of Compliance Course teaches the foundations of law, regulations, and company policy to ensure that an organization and its employees can act in accordance with each of these disciplines. Employees will learn about all aspects of safety in a microlearning format that breaks larger concepts up into small, easy to understand parts. Rich content and gamification make this course fun and engaging for participants. 

*The course is only available in Japanese.

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Main advantages

Created by legal experts

This specialized e-learning course was co-created with a lawyer with extensive experience in compliance-related legal matters

Covers the latest regulatory and legislative changes

The course includes the latest regulatory and legislative changes, such as the amendment of law regarding Power Harassment.

Perfect starting point

The course is designed to cover the basic essentials, and also serves as the ideal starting point for this broad topic of compliance in the workplace.

Course overview

Lesson 1

This lesson will give employees a solid understanding of core compliance issues that they should be familiar with, such as harassment, labor law, whistleblowing, money laundering, blocking relationships with antisocial forces, and insider trading. 

#Harassment prevention #Labor law #Money laundering #Elimination of antisocial forces #Insider trading

Lesson 2

This lesson covers the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, Personal Information Protection Law, GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation), and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Law), including online bullying and harassment, and handling of social media accounts and blogs.

#Unfair competition prevention law #Personal information protection law #GDPR / CCPA

The flow of the course

Enhancing knowledge retention

This course has been designed to maximize knowledge retention using EdulinX’s microlearning courseware by following the learning steps of receiving a lecture, reviewing, and confirming with a quiz on each topic. In the course, the mini-test and lesson test questions are based on real-life business situations, which are designed to provide an immersive learning experience for participants.

Course Supervisor Profile


Naoki Ajika

Attorney at law (Bengoshi admitted to the Daini Tokyo Bar Association)

Naoki Ajika graduated from The University of Kyoto in 2010 (LL.B), and the University of Kyoto School of Law (J.D.) in 2012. In 2013, he joined Habataki Law Firm. In 2017, he joined ZeLo and was assigned to the Financial Service Agency’s Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (Feb 2018-Jan 2020).

As a lawyer, Naoki Ajika’s main areas of practice are personnel and labor issues, general corporate law, crisis management and compliance, and matters related to bankruptcy. Currently, he serves as a securities investigation officer of the Financial Service Agency’s Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, and reviews dozens of cases per year related to insider trading and stock price manipulation.

What our customers are saying

“Since the lectures are presented in an audio-visual format, employee engagement is higher.”

“Information about the GDPR and CCPA is new to me, and I learned why websites ask for permission to use cookies.”

“Since Harassment and Labor Law are topics that are familiar to us in our daily lives, I learnt how we should behave.”

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