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Learning Bites Series

The Prospera Training Solutions Learning Bites Series delivers video on demand, microlearning, and professional skill development courses that can be easily integrated into your own learning platforms.

Our e-learning programs are created by world-class thought leaders and experts, and provide a robust and engaging system to achieve better results.

Video on Demand


The most engaging video on demand e-learning content in the market

Video Arts uses humor, high quality production, and well-known actors to help facilitate a change in behavior in a cost-effective and time efficient manner.



Comprehensive microlearning courses for organizations

Vado courses, which include over 400 microlearning segments with video content and exercises, are built to achieve targeted outcomes.

Professional Skills

Prospera Training Solutions has partnered with innovative companies to share discipline-specific content that can support meaningful professional growth through all layers of your company. 

We offer professional skills courses in a wide variety of areas and disciplines including accounting, finance, corporate governance, and ESG governance, as well as integrating SDGs into actionable policies for your teams.

Our exclusive content partners


Itseki is a leading accounting and tax firm serving global companies in Japan.

Itseki Group is a team of over 20 experts including certified tax accountants and specialists in corporate advisory and bookkeeping.


ZeLo is an innovative Tokyo-based law firm with a startup mindset.

ZeLo’s team of experts include 30 lawyers and paralegals who are dedicated to legal innovation, serving the needs over 100 retainer clients in Japan.

Business and Communication Skills

Our business and communication skills solutions balance core competency development with mindset change and embedding curiosity.

Core Competency Development

Strengthen your team’s core competencies using a strategic balance of training via our Virtual Live Training (VLT) platform and the traditional in-person format.

Mindset Change

Our programs and experiences enable your teams to succeed in challenging times by adapting to new ways of thinking, doing business, and interacting with others.

Embedding Curiosity

Curiosity enables innovation, creativity, and better problem-solving. Prepare your teams for unknown situations, unexpected events, and difficult markets by encouraging willingness to learn and adapt.