• Finance & Accounting for Business Leaders

    Explains the basics of financial statements and how to analyze the various types of and differences among them, the setting and managing of goals based on numbers, and other essential information for understanding the status of corporate activities and decision-making processes

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Course Description

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Difficulty Levels:★★

”Finance & Accounting for Business Leaders” teaches the fundamentals of financial accounting to those outside the accounting field, including business leaders, managers and high potential employees. The course will help students strengthen their financial literacy by introducing them to the different types of financial statements and how to conduct basic financial analysis. The course also covers financial goal setting, budgeting and performance review, as well as other essentials to effective, data-driven decision making. The course is taught through a combination of on-demand instructional videos and review tests for each lesson and can be completed in about ten hours.

Managers and candidates for management positions outside the accounting department of each company

Lectures: 9 lessons

Summary: 1 lesson

Total lesson quantity: 10

approx. 10 hours (1 hour/lesson)

PC, smartphone, tablet

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Course Features

Lectures by Mr. Tomoya Shimada, a certified public accountant and tax accountant, explain the basics of financial accounting in an easy-to-understand method.

The explanatory video can be viewed as a reference at any time. In addition, a confirmation test is given for each lesson to check the level of achievement and ensure that knowledge is retained.

The e-learning format allows convenient access for business leaders with minimal spare time to study anytime and anywhere.

Lesson Content

Lesson 1: The Need for Accounting

Lesson 2: Connecting and Viewing the Four Financial Tables (B/S, P/L, C/F, S/S)

Lesson 3: Understanding the Process of Creating a Financial Table

Lesson 4: Differences Between and How to Use Securities Reports, Corporate Filings, and Tax Returns

Lesson 5: Methods and Significance of Financial Statement Analysis

Lesson 6: The Concept and Significance of KPIs

Lesson 7: Differences and Connections between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting

Lesson 8: General Budgeting Methods

Lesson 9: How to Evaluate the Creditworthiness of Business Partners

Lesson 10: Summary

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Lesson Flow

1. Watch explanatory videos

Itseki 1

2. Review the important points of the lecture

Itseki 2

3. Confirm important points by checking your understanding

Itseki 3

4. Lastly, gain a comprehensive understanding by taking a confirmation test

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Recommended for the following types of people

Those who want to acquire an understanding of financial accounting and apply it to the goal setting and budget management of their department

Those who want to improve their data management skills

Those who want to be able to work not only from the perspective of managing a department, but also from the perspectives of management, creditors, and shareholders

Lecturer Profile


Tomoya Shimada

Certified public accountant and tax accountant

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Kyushu University, Mr. Shimada joined Deloitte Tohmatsu, where he was involved in accounting audits for a range of industries of varying sizes, from listed companies on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to venture companies. As an accounting consultant, he has been involved in convergence of Japanese GAAP such as reclassification to U.S. GAAP and support for IFRS adoption, financial due diligence and stock valuation, and M&A practices such as PMI after organizational restructuring. He has provided support for stock listings, including financial systems and internal operations, as well as numerous tax advisory and fraud investigation services. Notably, he also helped found Itseki Group in November 2018 as a partner.

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