Prospera Training Solutions offers specialized end-to-end training solutions that enhance your team’s performance. We bring the most innovative solutions for your learning and development needs.

Award-winning content

We deliver on-demand globally proven content including exciting bite-sized learning, video on demand essentials, and microlearning programs that can be integrated into your long-term workplace capability building needs and goals.

Cutting-edge technology platform

We combine interactive learning systems and platforms that make learning smarter and more personalized, and also provide practical, cost-effective, and intuitive learning experiences for the growth and development of your talent.

Experienced Consultants

Our experienced training and development professionals work closely with you to design, implement, and deliver unparalleled learning solutions to achieve your desired learning and development outcomes.

Our Exclusive Content Partners


Itseki is a firm of certified public accountants and tax accountants who provide its services to global companies across Japan.


Vado‘s award-winning content provides customized skill development through over 400 microlearning courses.

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Video Arts soft skills training achieves behavioral change through impact messaging and groundbreaking videos.


ZeLo, a Foreign Law Joint Enterprise, is an innovative law firm that supports the legal needs of clients in Japan and overseas.

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Thomas assessments are used in all phases of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retention and development.

Free White Papers

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Financial accounting for business leaders (Japanese)

10 minutes | 1 October 2021

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What is Employee Engagement & Why is it Important

8 minutes | 27 December 2021

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